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The Pre-school staff team are caring, enthusiastic, imaginative and work to a high standard to follow the curriculum. Our Childcare Operations Manager has an NNEB qualification (equivalent to an NVQ Level 3). All of our other staff members hold an NVQ 3 qualification along with valid first aid, child protection and food hygiene certificates.

At Claydon Pre-school we operate a keyperson system. Each child is allocated a keyperson when they join us. The keyperson is responsible for keeping up to date developmental records for each child via Tapestry. These records cover all areas of development through the initial phases of the Early Years Foundation Stage which carries children through to the end of Reception (foundation). By keeping them updated through observations we will be able to see how each child progresses during their time with us. Parents will be given a user name and password so they can see their child’s Tapestry at any time.

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We are always learning something new. Exploring the great outdoors and navigating our way around fun activities indoors.


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​I couldn't be happier

I couldn’t be happier with Claydon Preschool. My eldest daughter went here a month after she turned two and I really believe it was the best preparation for primary school. Our youngest attends now and literally skips to school. She comes home happy and wanting to tell us all that she has been up to. Great to have someone else so messy play too! It really has helped their speech, confidence and social skills. The tapestry online journal is a great tool they use.

Becky C



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We are rated by Ofsted as Good.

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